Gundy Park Services

Gundy Park Equine offers extensive Equine services in Rehab & Recovery, Fitness, Conditioning, Pre-Training, Spelling, as well as Aqua Therapy for horses & dogs.

Waiting for his workout


Exercising in water provides an effective medium for increasing joint mobility, promoting normal patterns of movement, whist reducing the risk of developing secondary compensatory musculoskeletal injuries caused by primary conditions. The enhancement in muscle strength and function whilst decreasing stress and loading of the joints can significantly improve balance, poor motor control and discomfort typically found in horses with osteoarthritic changes.

​Our ECB salt water Treadmill  offers power and endurance training without the influence of the rider and is therefore a very effective tool in both maintaining and increasing fitness and performance of the horse.

Gundy Park also has beautifully constructed American barns, lush paddocks and stabling for your animal’s rest and renewal. We have therapy yards, grass training tracks, an undercover walker, a sand arena, and mini XC paddocks – all designed to aid your horses rehab & recovery.


At Gundy Park Equine we have a simple yet highly effective approach to exercising and feeding your horses.

Ali and her team of experts carefully customise each horse’s dietary and work plan to maximise their healing so as to build up strength as well as stamina regardless of their discipline.

Horses in paddock on ridge


Pre-training can be arranged especially for horses progressing from rehabilitation to full training.

At Gundy Park Equine, we coordinate a routine for your horses to ensure the successful transition for them from rehab to race training proficiently and confidently.

Ali Foye has worked with horses all her life and as a former professional rider, understands the importance of this stage of events in your horse’s journey to wellness.

Pre-training on the track


Every horse needs to chill out time to rest and recover. Just like we humans need a break from life and work, so do our horses! Spelling allows your horse to refresh and recover from the competition or racing world, physically as well as mentally.

Gundy Park Equine is gloriously located in some of the most beautiful country side Australian has to offer. Our infamous hot sun is such a natural healing tool and our typical harder ground conditions make for strengthening young bones. The average spell time is totally dependent on your horse’s current needs and we pride ourselves on creating individual plans for each of our equine guests.

A group of friendly spellers watch the goings on at Gundy Park


Gundy Park is also about helping your dogs.

Our ECB Salt Water Treadmill is ideal for the recovery and rehab of your canine companion and will assist with gentle exercise for fitness & weight loss, muscle training, improved mobility for veteran dogs, endurance training for agility & show dogs, pain reduction, and improved mobility after injury, to name just a few.

We encourage you to bring your dogs to our facility as their health and vitality is our priority and focus.

Vet approval is required for dogs diagnosed with a medical condition.


At Gundy Park Equine we have a variety of local vets that we call on for assistance if required. These include:


If you have your own vet that you would prefer to use, we are happy for them to attend to your horse as required.

Vet checks as required

Interested in any of our services and want to find out more? Give us a call to discuss how we can work with you to help your horse or dog achieve optimum health.