Gundy Park Price List

Current as of January 2020

Gundy Park Equine costs are carefully thought out and affordable. Please fill out our online quote form and we will get back to you with a bespoke price.

Individual Spelling

Rugged and fed twice a day

$36.30 per day
Group Spelling

Fed twice a day

$29.70 per day
Premium Spelling

Boxed at night, rugged, under lights from February until October to maintain coat condition and routine.

$44.00 per day
Spelling / Conditioning

Includes going on walker. Spelling in their own paddock, rugged, and fitness program to maintain condition whilst letting down.

$55.00 per day
Freshen Up / Conditioning with Water Treadmill

Boxed, rugged, bandaged, and paddock of a day.

$66.00 per day
Recovery – Post Surgery of Injury

Does not include water treadmill sessions, these will be offered at a discount rate or $22 per session.

$66.00 per day
Rehabilitation (with Water Treadmill)

Boxed, rugged, bandaged, hand walked, iced, heath and massage therapy, walker, and paddock, daily massage etc.

$88.00 per day
Pre Training
$77.00 per day
Water Treadmill Session
CURRENT SPECIAL - Buy 10 sessions & pay for 8
$44.00 per session
Broodmare Agistment (Last Trimester)
$36.30 per day
Dry Mare Agistment (First Two Trimesters)
$26.40 per day

Note: Treadmill sessions can be added onto any other service category as desired.

We are also more than happy to tailor-make a program to suit your specific needs. Just let us know what we can do for you.

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