Gundy Park Equine

At Gundy Park Equine we provide expert rehabilitation, pre-training, fitness, & spelling services for horses & dogs. Owner Ali Foye guarantees work of excellence.

Morning breaks at Gundy Park


At Gundy Park we focus on restoring the health or fitness of your horse from injury to recovery to full training, as well as spelling, conditioning, and exercising.

To ensure every need of your horse is met with the best of care and facilities, we work alongside a team of excellent vets, therapists, dentists, and farriers, as we aim to help aid recovery and maintain soundness as well as develop fitness.

Our services and facilities provide first class health care also for your dogs.

Gundy Park’s unique Aquatic Rehabilitation Services, known for their long-lasting beneficial effects on horses, are also available for your canine buddies.

Galloping down the track

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Gundy Park owner Ali Foye, a former World Class Eventer, took a massive career change with a defining riding injury.

With her extensive professional riding background, as well as years of research and access to worldwide veterinary expertise, Ali has become one of the leaders in her field of horse rehabilitation and fitness. Her own rehabilitation during a very long 2 year convalescence gave her real insight and understanding into the nature of injuries in man and animal. She also gained a solid foundation as to what Gundy Park Equine needed to offer the horse world.

She is a hands-on owner and operator ensuring your horses gain the maximum effects from all the therapy and specialist services provided. She is involved in every facet of your horse or dog’s rehabilitation journey.

Ali’s overseas contacts with regards to the aquatic therapy in particular, open up a whole new world to the Gundy Park customer, giving your animals the opportunity of working with some of the best minds in the business and thereby reaching optimum levels of health and fitness.

Ali and horse

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