Gundy Park Equine is a purpose-built state of the art, bespoke Equine Rehabilitation & Fitness Centre.

Gundy Park boasts the first ECB Equine/Canine Water Treadmill in Australia. Our services and facilities provide first class health care for your horses from injury to recovery to full training, as well as spelling and conditioning. Our aquatic rehabilitation services, known for their long-lasting beneficial effects on horses, are also available for dogs.

Gundy Park Equine – Revolutionising Equine & Canine Rehabilitation and Health.


Gundy Park Equine is situated in the picturesque Hunter Region of NSW on the Isis River, 292km north of Sydney and 15km from Scone. Nestled in the tiny settlement of Gundy that boasts leading horse studs and well-known prestigious connections, this Centre is the hub for equine and canine rehabilitation.

Owner Ali Foye, a former professional World Class Eventer, took a massive career change when a serious injury changed her life course. This led to the establishment of Gundy Park Equine as one of the leading rehab facilities in the country.


With an extensive background in Olympic level horse rehabilitation and having experienced unique therapy with her own extreme injuries, owner Ali Foye brings a thoroughly researched collection of services under the Gundy Park Equine banner. This not only includes an Australian first with the installment of the ECB Water Treadmill, but also the worldwide connections that have pioneered this form of rehabilitation service, being available to our customers.


As well as the ECB Salt Water Treadmill, Gundy Park Equine’s facilities include an American style barn, stallion/colt paddocks,  small turn out paddocks, extra-large group spelling paddocks, 1400mtr grass training track, 60 x 30m fully fenced Flexi fibre and sand arena, 8 x horse undercover walker, mini XC paddocks, and an extensive training water jump, full set of show jumps and extra poles for therapeutic exercises, and so much more.

ECB aqua treadmill with Ali


Aquatic rehabilitation is a safe and effective treatment option for managing primary musculoskeletal injuries whilst reducing or limiting harmful compensatory gait abnormalities. Our ECB Salt Water Treadmill, complete with weight scales & heart rate monitor, was installed in December 2019 and is the first of its kind in Australia.

Using Epsom salts and sodium chloride, our water treadmill has an advanced filtration system and is the only marine grade stainless steel construction of its type. It can also offer power and endurance training without the influence of the rider and is therefore a very effective tool in both maintaining and increasing fitness and performance.

At Gundy Park we are all about helping the horse and the dog.