Gundy Park Facilities

The Gundy Park State of the Art many unique facilities have been created for the purpose of your horse and dog’s recovery, rehabilitation & overall wellness.

Watering the paddocks


ECB Salt Water Treadmill, weight scales & heart rate monitor (both attached to the treadmill for use during sessions)

4 x extra large rubber lined boxes in the Therapy Barn

American style barn that’s well ventilated with 10 x premium rubber lined boxes

Two stallion/colt paddocks with their secure box for safety at night

10 x small turn out paddocks

10 large spelling paddocks

10 x extra large group spelling paddocks (10 acres+)

3 x small therapy yards

1400mtr grass training track

60 x 30m fully fenced Flexi fibre and sand arena

8 horse undercover walker

50m rubber lined round yard

Mini XC paddock with plenty of gymnastic exercises and an extensive training water jump, full set of show jumps and extra poles for therapeutic exercises

Loads of hacking track up and down hills, or along flat grounds

Hot and cold water undercover wash bays

Undercover cross ties

Equissage unit

TENS and NMES machine

ICE Vibe Cannon

Knee and Hock boots

BIG Foot Ice Boots

Ice Machine

Magnetic rugs and wraps plus more

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Gundy Park Equine proudly installed Australia’s first ECB Salt Water Treadmill in December 2019, after extensive worldwide research.

Using Epsom salts and sodium chloride, our water treadmill has an advanced filtration system and is the only marine grade stainless steel construction of its kind.

The ECB Treadmill offers the best of aquatic rehabilitation for your horse and your dog.

ECB Equine Aqua Treadmill in use

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